Food is an expensive item on any wedding budget, but oftentimes, one of the most important. The pre-wedding Tasting is important because it allows you to pick foods that meet your tastes and budget. But, a tasting also provides a chance to ensure the food is exactly what you want and hoped for and so much more. Want to make the most out of your tasting? Doing so isn’t so hard.

Flexibility is Important

Be flexible with the date and time of the Tasting. Once you’ve narrowed the wedding catering cambridge springs pa selection down, it’s much easier to schedule the tastings. Most tastings take place on the weekend.

Be Realistic

You won’t taste every item that is on your menu during the tasting. Instead, you can choose a few samples of the menu to taste and style to ensure the food meets your qualifications and desires.

Ask Questions

Questions get answers and when you are getting married, you need them. Make sure you ask the caterers anything that you do not understand and things that you simply want to clarify for your sanity. Create a list of questions/answers from each company so you do not lose track of information.

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Tasting Fees

Although many caterers include a wedding tasting in their costs, some do not. Inquire of any separate fees that you are going to pay for the tasting and makes sure you are ready to pay the fees.

Number of Tastings

While it’d be nice to schedule tastings with all of the caterers in town, that is time consuming and unrealistic. You will find that after three or our tastings, they all start tasting the same and you may find it hard to remember what you did and didn’t like. Don’t overdo it on the tastings!