When it comes to beverages Americans love to drink their what they want.  Some will drink coffee, other tea.  In the morning we all have a specific drink that we will gravitate to more than others to get up moving and starting our day. 

Picking your favorite beverage

When it comes to picking your favorite beverage, it comes down to your specific tastes.  To begin with buy herbal tea online and try different blends.  If you are into tea you will soon discover that they will all have a unique taste.  Some will be fruity where others will have a deep rich flavor.  Teas such as earl grey will have a strong taste for some people but year a sooth one for yet another group.

When making tea it comes down to the brewing process.  It is suggested that you use really hot water to cook the tea leaves to perfection.  When adding hot water, you are breaking up the membranes of the tea and allowing all of the oils to flavor the water.  If your water is too cold, then it won’t have the same effect.

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Additives to your tea

Tea drinkers will all have a specific way that they like their tea.  Some will drink it plain where others will add in a wide assortment of flavorings and sweeteners.  To begin with you will want to add in sugar or honey.  This will add a level of sweetness to your tea.  From there you will add lemon to give it a bit of a bite.

Some of the more interesting additives will be milk or cream.  These will add a heavier level of flavor to your tea which some people really enjoy.  No matter what you add to your tea, make sure that it is an enjoyable experience.